What does Pride mean to you?

With Pride Toronto 2012 less than three weeks away, it’s no surprise that the LGBT community is taking over all forms of media. After all, it is the largest gay parade in North America. In fact it’s the largest parade in North America PERIOD.

All this coverage has prompted me to ask myself what does pride mean to me? For me, it’s a time of remembrance, celebration, and freedom. Not forgetting the fabulous parties, higher than normal levels of alcohol consumption, gorgeous men and random one day romances.

But lets get back on track. Pride is most importantly a time to reflect on where we were as a community, how far we’ve come and to celebrate and continue the fight for full equality. Our community is rich with gay history. Dating from the bathhouse raids in the 80’s to the legalization of gay marriage in 2005 to just now trans people being recognized as humans and protected under the charter of human rights thanks to the passing of  Toby’s Act

So whether straight/gay or any member of the color of the rainbow,  please take some time to reflect on all the work that was done to allow us to celebrate our freedom and think of ways to continue the celebration year round… There’s still lots to be done.

Check out the vid to see what Pride means to others…


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