So, it’s been a couple months since I posted anything new. My last post was the realest thing I’ve written and it felt great. What didn’t tho was all the negativity slung around by fellow gays about BLM TO and well, black folk in general. True colours were shown and it was nothing like the empowering colours of our rainbow.

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Good Bad Decisions?


So we’ve all heard the adage “the best indicator of future choices is past decisions”, or something like that? I always thought it was just another thing people say as a scare tactic.. Like if you whack it too much you’ll go blind. But I’ve just come to realize that it’s sorta true. Not the whacking part mind you; it’s related to he most recent “situation” I’ve landed myself in. And it has to do with guys and the patterns we form for the “type” of guy we think we want.

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