10 Gay Stereotypes

So many stereotypes exist about gay men.. Here’s my top 10

Gay guys are obsessed with their bodies-While this may be true for some, it’s not the case for all. The bear community is a perfect example of this. It can be argued that even within this sub category of gay culture there’s some obsession with body image but I beg to differ… WOOF!

Gay guys think sports are boringSo wrong!!! There a quite a few gay sports leagues right here in Toronto- There’s gay rugby , volleyball, tennis leagues not to mention groups like Get Out Canada – a leisure and recreational club. And if you’re not interested in playing, bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be interested in watching.. We love hot sweaty eye candy! Can I get an amen?!

Gay guys want every guy..even straight ones- To the heterosexuals who believe this, please get over yourself. If 1 in every 10 men are gay(now I think it’s one in every 5!) can you imagine how many gays are walking around out there? More than enough to choose from!

Gay guys are obsessed with fashion- No.. We design and set the fashion trends that everyone follows.. That may be a stereotype in itself but we are talented and a great deal of the top designer happen to be gay. But I know also know a lot of gays who don’t care much for fashion. Opting to wear a simple tee and jeans- and look mighty fine in them too!

Gay guys lacked strong male role models growing up- I’m not a shrink but I don’t believe that this makes you gay. If you’re gay, you’re gay from birth.  Lots of gays had strong and active male role models.

There’s always a “girl” in gay relationships-Never really got this one.. A gay relationship consists of two males. Period. If this refers to sexual role (bottoms), it still doesn’t make you a girl!!!

Gay men only want sex-Everyone wants sex. We just don’t hide the fact that we do. And clearly we want other things- like gay marriage and full equality.. Maybe even world peace!

Your gay friend+ me = relationship-Just because we’re both gay doesn’t mean that we’re meant for each other. It’s just not that simple!

All gays talk with a lisp-Wrong again.. Do you see the pattern? I can literally count the number of guys I met that spoke with a lisp

Gay men always have an agenda to push- This goes both ways- If you stop pushing your religious beliefs and moral values down our throats and just let us be, then we won’t have to fight so hard to be heard


Did I miss anything?

5 thoughts on “10 Gay Stereotypes

  1. matthewjonward says:

    I have a friend who only likes older white men with a few extra pounds around their waist…is this sterotype #11????

    • myqueeragenda says:

      That’s an interesting one. Sounds more like a fetish or preference than a stereotype but then again there are some young guys who like older men for one reason or another. Good comment! Thanks!

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