A Week in PTown

IMG_2087I made it through a short four day work week.. After a pulsating prior week in Provincetown! Not sure how I survived but this has to be the best gay getaway in North America. Not that I’ve been to many. But I can’t see myself wanting more of anything . Other than to go back. 

This was my second visit but the experience was totally new. So I figured I might as well talk about it!

Friday– Pre-Arrival

Okay, so it took two days- by choice- to get to there. I enjoy the build up so my friends booked a couple rooms at the W Hotel in Boston’s South End. It was fierce. Lovely shopping close by on Newbury Street followed by a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway.. Say butch!  Gay nightlife was a bit hard to find with no gay village  but I eventually ended up at a fun little bar/club/video bar called Club Cafe. Note to out of state visitors: Take a pic of your passport with your phone before heading out, Massachusetts state law isn’t here for out of state ID’s.

Saturday– Arrival

DSC01998Took the ferry from Boston’s magnificent Harbour, good spot to snatch some cute tanks for the week. Ride took about 2.5 hours but with heavy handed bartenders and the excitement in the air, I couldn’t be bothered. After all, the ride’s part of the hype right? Dropped bags at the rental home-which is probably the best way to go if it’s a group of you  who can  actually stand each other for seven days straight- and headed  to the BoatSlip for the legendary Tea Dance..  Best nights to go? Sat’s, Sun’s, Monday (90’s anthems), Thursdays  (disco) and of course Fridays. By Friday I didn’t know or care what night it was.  Just beware of the Planters Punch!

Be sure to check out Pied Bar  for after tea drinks .. just as fun with a cute adequately sized deck overlooking the ocean. Perfect spot to strike up a conversation or get your life on the dance floor.  Ended off at A-House/Atlantic House.. Beats & drinks were on point!!! I see a trend.. Yass!!

Sunday- Funk Recovery

Alright. Everyone I know who’s been to Ptwon says the same thing- Sunday’ll be your best hang over all week! It’s new, it’s fresh and depending on how long you’re in for, you’ll want more! So yeah, after a late breakfast we strolled Gurl, I'm def not in Kansas anymore! up and down Commercial Street a few times.. In search of something summer chic to wear @ tea. Oh that’s another thing- there’s no dress code. Wear whatever the f*#k you want. Heels. Weave. Wonder Woman body suit. Do it!

The real joy is there’s always at least one super friendly bartender @ the BoatSlip that’ll gladly point in the right direction. My guy- Yasir- was just fabulous (and oh so cute!). Told me about a Sunday night party @ Grotta Bar opposite Bubala’s. Insisted that I’d like it. So give it go after dinner after the after tea (ha!) and it was mind blowing. Pure funk, disco and soul. A welcomed relief from the wet beats from A-House the night before.

Monday- Ouch..

Monday was hard. Two full days in overdrive WILL wear you down. But it’s still good. Everything’s good in Ptwon I think. You can’t help but feel it. So spent some time walking the always entertaining Commercial Street strip.  Longing for some hetero sightings? Head west past the MacMillan Pier where the ferry comes in. It’s amazing but I still didn’t feel like the minority being queer, you know what I mean?

As for Monday night? Complete write off so I’ll just end it right there. But tea dance, planters punches and after tea had everything to do with it.

Tuesday- Diamonds & Studs

Had one of those rear mornings when you cheat the morning after hang over cause you passed out too early. So I wanted to explore a bit, do something different. Contemplated going to Herring Cove (the gay beach) but heard it was a tough walk and that I’d have to walk through the dunes with shin to waist high water. That required to much organization. I ended up trekking to the Provincetown Gym but it was too busy. So went to By Local for lunch. Great place. Great staff. Immaculate burgers with premium beef. Broke my imaginary vow to not drink and got it going. Had a great seat on the upper deck facing the street and water. People watching couldn’t be beat so ditched the exploration idea.

diamond-studs-new-652x367By 5 pm I caught tea dance fever. I was riding solo since friends were still passed out.. light weights! Good thing about this place is that you can show up alone and leave with a whole new group of friends. Got to chatting with an old school hard core Boston bread guy. He was alone too and convinced me to see an all male cabaret show. Diamond Studs. If you’re someone like me and think that cabarets aren’t your thing you’ll absolutely LOVE this. The burlesque dancers are outter worldly talented and they’re actually in the Las Vegas hall of fame for burlesque dancers! And the host.. Um- I can’t describe her. She sings flawlessly and is visibly stunning. Think Mo’nique type humour with a Gaga-centric style.  Oh and she’s definitely hilarious (and 100% woman)!

For the first time I felt like I truly allowed myself to accept my gayness. I wasn’t concerned with if I looked gay or not enjoying myself. I just did. Then heaven came in the form of the piano bar at the Crowne & Anchor Hotel. I mean, here I was floating down Commercial and I hear this lightened version of ‘I want you back’ from Jackson5. The Red Sox hunk grabbed us some prime seats and I fell harder for this town. The magic of this place is unbelievable. Ended the night at the A- it was fabulous as always.

Wednesday- Pool Day

Wednesday started as a lazy day turned pool day. Hit up the Provincetown Inn, an approx. 10 min walk to the quieter picturesque side of Commercial. And the delightful Relish bakery/sandwich shop is on the way! I’d suggest a bite from here for the pool. And don’t worry too much about drinks- the pool bar’s well stocked and there’s a  cheeky bartender who’d give comical relief on a steamy day. Get there early-ish, say 11 a.m if you wanna get a good spot.

Fag Bash at Purgatory’s the apparent hot spot on Wed nights but I didn’t make it. Stayed at Gifford House- which is upstairs- for drinks and then went to Wave Video Bar @ the Crown & Anchor. Again, didn’t think this was my thing but it was pretty good. The videos even reflected in the pool on their bar deck. What’s better than life sized Barbra in the moonlight?

Thursday- Herring Cove

HCoveWorth it. Went against all advices and decided to hit this place up by foot (bike rentals are another option), making sure to pack as lightly as possible incase the tide was in to cross the dunes. So it’s probably about 35 mins on foot depending on where you’re coming from. But to give a more accurate distance, the entrance to the dunes is about 15 mins from the Provincetown Inn.  It’s a calm, peaceful beach with the clearest water and best view of the town and Pilgrim Monument. And you never know who’ll you meet during a quick stroll through the dunes but it’s sure to entertain. A quick stop at the Inn’s pool can prove useful to wash away the sand and perfect excuse for a beastly cold brew.

Made it back in time to head to Disco Tea. Amazing. Someone mentioned Victor’s as a top restaurant so made a late dinner reservation; the food was good and shared meals/plates were an option. I’m not a huge diner so that sorta worked.

Opted to do a quieter bar type scene after dinner so checked out Monkey Bar. Another great spot for more intimate type drinks. And the blue lighting makes everything hotter. And in true ptown fashion, the night once again ended @ the A.

Friday- Final Day

End of a vacation sucks, always. So I did the ‘smart’ thing and packed everything on Friday morning leaving a few ensembles out for a possible last hoorah. That way I’d be able to maybe go back to Herring Cove or do something other than knock it back. Nope, spent some time at the cutely done Nor’East beer garden. The greenery creates the perfect garden effect so it’s like a hidden getaway from the sun. And they make they’re own tonic water, and it rules.


I chose the somber route for my Friday night. Dinner at a gorgeous home style cooking Italian restaurant somewhere near the pier. Since I’m not a foodie I didn’t take note of name but the bartender/server- Billy- was just delightful.



Returned to Boston for more shopping and dinner in the North End at a another great Italian resto- Carmelina’s: hint- get the Sunday Macaroni!!

Great vacation, spectacular people and good ole queer ambience in abundance. Definitely a summer must!




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