Say his name: Dexter Pottinger


Via Facebook: Dexter Pottinger

His name is Dexter Pottinger. He was a model, fashion designer, LGBT activist, photographer, makeup artist, the face of Jamaica Pride and judging from the multitude of condolences from people he’s touched, a brilliantly kind, creative and devoted human being. “Never apologize for being yourself”, he said, “they should apologize to you for asking you to be someone else”. He was murdered in his home last week in Jamaica. As a gay black man from the Caribbean, this hits uncomfortably close to home.



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Equality At Work

A lot of companies talk a big game when it comes to diversity in the workplace but do they really understand the meaning of ‘diversity’? Off the bat when I hear the word diversity I think of difference. It could refer to difference in religion, difference in political views and of course difference in sexual preference just to name a few. “Preference”- that word doesn’t sit too well with me but we’ll touch on that another time. My issue is with LGBT inclusivity in the workplace.

Coming from a country in which diversity wasn’t an option, I really appreciate the effort that employers put into making the work environment more welcoming and comfortable for everyone but I think there’s still some more that can be done. I’m not saying that some or most companies don’t do a great job of being inclusive and supporting their LGBT employees. I’m just speaking from my point of view and from what I’ve experienced. Continue reading