6 in 10 Black gay men…


Some alarming facts about HIV and those most at risk popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. The article came from The Advocate and it’s basically an entire op-ed series called #6in10. #6in10 points to stats that reveal 6 in 10 black gay and bi-sexual men in the US will test positive for HIV by the time they’re 40 years old. Reading those words as a black guy is heartbreaking to say the very least. And even more fucked are some of the contributing factors. Some really out of the norm stuff. Like gay dating racism. Who thought this could be as far reaching? I surely didn’t.  Continue reading

Buyers Club Debate

dallas-buyers-clubWith award season winding down, my Twitter and Facebook feed has been bombarded with op-ed pieces criticizing the movie Dallas Buyers Club- which ironically won best actor and supporting actor at the Oscars a couple weeks ago. So what’s being criticized? A few things:

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